"It's never too late
to find your fabulous"

Lyn Traill

Lyn has had so many rich experiences and success in business and life. Her passion now is to assist people to be their best selves… Read more


Identifying barriers that block us becoming our best selves.


Recognising that we live in a world of possibilities.


Identify effective strategies that are unique for each person.

Check out the sparkle in this lady’s eyes. Truly connected to her source, the light shows through her whole being. When I decided to enhance my intuitive power and connect more gracefully, I approached Lyn for guidance. Lyn has an understanding of the divine power and is a great support in my healing and connection to Grace.Shirley Cross

Lyn speaks with poise, genuine sincerity, sensitivity and humour. Her Sizzling at Seventy talk articulated her life journey from victim to victorious. She willingly opened up her heart to her audience and used her experiences to resonate with and help others. She oozes self-confidence and is a beacon of shining light. Her talk was thought provoking and had the audience completely engaged.Samantha Melen
CEO, Helensvale Branch Library

This is the most amazing story. I can feel your pain as a child. I was so inspired listening to this interview that I went and shared it with a friend. We often discuss child abuse and emotions we’ve dealt with during our childhood. This is one of my ‘must have’ books.

Thank you for sharing your life.Jason
ABC Listener

Lyn Traill brings to any audience an enthralling rapture of heartfelt experiences, meaningful and wise considerations yet with dazzling, comic cheekiness. Leave your generation gap (if any) at the door. Lyn’s alluring words are a must to any seeker of intellect, meaning and timeless fun!Mark D. O'Dwyer
Director/Instructor, LDC (P/T) & National Financial Controller (F/T)

Lyn Traill is one of the most amazing people I know. She has had a profound influence on my growth and development. The methods she uses in her coaching practice are very successful and I recommend her highly.Kathy Gilbert

“Inspirational” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Lyn Traill and the talk she gave which I was lucky enough to attend recently. That word is closely followed by “honest, caring and funny”.

Having dealt with just about every difficulty that life could throw at her, Lyn is generous and brave enough to share her experiences and how she became the wonderfully positive role model she is to us all. She left us with a feeling of enthusiasm for life and the wish to make the most of each day ahead. Not many people have this gift but certainly – Lyn does!Pam Johnston
North Lakes Community Women’s Group Inc.

Lyn has an amazing ability to instantly connect with people and put them at ease. She is exuberant in her knowledge and wisdom in the area of human behaviour which enables her to cut to the chase and ask the tough questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and appreciated her message that our past does not define our future. I was very inspired by her testimony and how far she has come. Lyn knows what she’s talking about and has designed a program that is practical in shaping our life story to our vision. I left the workshop inspired to know more.

Lyn is highly professional and obviously cares about her audience. She is clearly dedicated to her work and to her continued progress towards her vision to help others. I feel privileged to have met her and look forward to learning more from her work.Jacquelin Melilli
Jacq of all Trades, Master of Writing


As a published author and engaging speaker, Lyn delivers unique
insights into business and life with a splash of humour.