I Can Still Hear Music

2 thoughts on “I Can Still Hear Music

  1. Trish Wright Reply

    Hi Lyn I so loved reading your book Sizzling and your informative morning with us at North Lakes Ladies Tuesday Club. You make me cry hehe in a good way reading about your life and journey. Lots of love and success for the future..
    Trish Wright xx

  2. I love this Lyn – I think I am on the fringes of stepping into the genius zone…It gives me hope and your inspiration abounds. Mick was an amazing man, and you are his precious Tinkerbell that lights the top of the Disney Castle…what a beautiful Poem you are and his Sonnet – such a lovely heartfelt inscription filled with his eternal love he wrote to you. Bless you both and Keep Shining and Sizzling lovely Lady and our dear friend and mentor! Love and Hugs Mary Lou xx 🙂

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